Masks for every age and stage

We make several types of masks--which one is right for you and your family?

Slimline Mask

These masks have a single jersey strap that adjusts with a wooden bead at the back of the head. They're great for young children who don't yet have the dexterity to adjust ear-loops, and they still hang around the neck so they aren't easily misplaced or lost!


Ear-loop Mask

By far and away our best-selling mask. Like our clothing, this mask actually GROWS--adjusting to fit your face no matter your proportions. And the super-soft stretchy ear loops are comfy on even the most sensitive of ears.


Muffle-proof Mask

The next generation of earloop mask--this one fits similarly BUT it stands away from your mouth so it doesn't get damp with prolonged use, and doesn't muffle your voice.
This style is also great for glasses wearers, as it fits high on the cheek--glasses can rest comfortably on top without sliding down (YESSSSS!)

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