Hi! My name is Laurel, and I'm an optimist. I truly do believe that clothes can make our lives easier and more joyful, while saving the planet from unnecessary waste at the same time.
I spent the majority of my career designing for fast fashion retailers, but after my daughter Beya was born I felt an obligation to use my design expertise to change the way we consume clothing.
Our children are only little for such a little while, we enjoy them most when we aren't struggling to keep up with them...or their STUFF! I created BeyaMade to provide you with clothes that grow with your child; a single BeyaMade garment fits up to three times longer than traditional children's clothes. Less clothing means more time to spend with the ones you love best.
I strive to spread the most joy with the least environmental impact. Our children are counting on us to preserve this planet we call home, and they deserve a vibrant, clean and beautiful place to grow and thrive!