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5 reasons grandparents love gifting Beya Made

One of the greatest privileges of grandparent-hood is spoiling your grand-babies, isn't it? And the joy you feel when you see them wearing a new outfit you bought them is one of the best feelings there is.

Here are 5 reasons that Beya Made outfits are the best for your grandchild.


They fit 3x longer

Who wants to buy an adorable outfit that your grand-baby can only wear once or twice before it's too small? Beya Made outfits are expandable--designed to adjust over time, as your grandchild grows. So they (and you!) can enjoy it at least 3x longer than typical baby outfits

Green linen and lace baby girl bubble romper


They last longer

Beya Made clothes won't just last for seasons--they'll last for generations. Made from extremely durable natural fibers, our clothes are constructed to withstand all of the wear and tear of an active child and then some.


They're timeless

black and white baby bubble romper with stars

Because we don't over-embellish our clothing and stick to the basics, our clothes are classic and timeless enough to outlast the trends. And because they are made to last, they make excellent heirlooms for future generations!


They're shareable

Beya Made clothes can be shared between brothers and sisters! Because our styles are so simple and classic, they can easily be styled for girl or boy with accessories. No need for two separate sibling wardrobes!


They're gentle

green linen baby short-alls

Beya Made clothes are made from all natural fibers that are soft and gentle on baby's skin--but they're also gentle on the planet! Our collection is completely zero waste from the start, so they will not contribute to the pollution of this planet your grandchildren call home.

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