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"These pants have served 3 families--six kids so far. Kid #7 should be able to wear them soon. No rips, no split seams"

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Real Red Linen ShortsReal Red Linen Shorts
Real Red Linen Shorts
Sale price$49.00
Blue Engineer Stripe PantsBlue Engineer Stripe Pants
Blue Engineer Stripe Pants
Sale price$67.99
Organic Acorn Twill PantsOrganic Acorn Twill Pants
Organic Acorn Twill Pants
Sale price$67.99
Winter-weight Organic Cotton Denim Un-Jeans - Beya MadePANTSWinter-weight Organic Cotton Denim Un-Jeans - Beya MadePANTS
Scout Green Organic Corduroy PantsScout Green Organic Corduroy Pants
Scout Green Organic Corduroy Pants
Sale price$67.99
Indigo Un-Jeans - Beya MadePANTSIndigo Un-Jeans - Beya MadePANTS
Indigo Un-Jeans
Sale price$63.00
Prairie Green Linen Pants - Beya MadePANTSPrairie Green Linen Pants
Prairie Green Linen Pants
Sale price$63.00
Cotton Denim Un-Jeans - Beya MadePANTSCotton Denim Un-Jeans
Cotton Denim Un-Jeans
Sale price$63.00
River Rock Organic Cotton Twill PantsRiver Rock Organic Cotton Twill Pants
River Rock Organic Cotton Twill Pants
Sale price$67.99
Good Vibes Green PantsGood Vibes Green Pants
Good Vibes Green Pants
Sale price$67.99
Charcoal Chambray Pants - Beya MadePANTSCharcoal Chambray Pants - Beya MadePANTS
Charcoal Chambray Grow with Me Pants
Sale price$63.00


Babies grow much faster in the first year, so the amount of wear you'll get out of a Beya Made outfits depends on their age.

icon of cartoon baby swaddled with heart


a Beya Made outfit will fit your baby for 6-9 months

icon of cartoon baby crawling


a Beya Made outfit will fit your toddler for 12-18 months

icon of cartoon toddler with bear hoodie

Big Kids

a Beya Made outfit will fit your child for 1-2 years (possibly longer)

Take the size quiz to find out exactly how long Beya Made will fit your child.