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Winter-weight Organic Cotton Denim Un-Jeans - Beya MadePANTSWinter-weight Organic Cotton Denim Un-Jeans - Beya MadePANTS
Good Vibes Green PantsGood Vibes Green Pants
Good Vibes Green Pants
Sale price$67.99
Scout Green Organic Corduroy PantsScout Green Organic Corduroy Pants
Scout Green Organic Corduroy Pants
Sale price$67.99
Blue Engineer Stripe PantsBlue Engineer Stripe Pants
Blue Engineer Stripe Pants
Sale price$67.99
Organic Acorn Twill PantsOrganic Acorn Twill Pants
Organic Acorn Twill Pants
Sale price$67.99


We believe in owning only what we need and what brings us joy. Every single thing we own represents our money, our time, and our values.

By simplifying our lives, we create a peaceful environment for our family, and encourage our children to appreciate moments over things. When we choose quality over quantity, we live a more intentional and joyful life.